Thursday, May 17, 2012

Some Important Questions from Local Laws/Minor Acts

Questions from Local Laws/Minor Acts

Hindu Marriage Act:
1.       Definitions – Full blood, half blood, uterine blood, Sapinda relationship, Degrees of prohibited relationship.
2.       Conditions for Valid Hindu Marriage (Section 5)
3.       Restitution of conjugal rights and judicial separation (Section 9 and 10)
4.       Difference between Void and Voidable marriage (Section 11 and 12)
5.       Grounds for Divorce (Section 13)

Hindu Succession Act:
1.       Agnate and Cognate
2.       General rules of succession in case of Males (section 8)
3.       General rules of succession in case of female (section 15)
4.       Testamentary succession (Section 30)

Domestic Violence Act:
1.       Definitions – Domestic Violence, Domestic Relationship, Shared household
2.       Protection officer and his duties (Section 9)
3.       Reliefs granted by Magistrate under DV Act – Protection orders, Residence orders, Monetary reliefs, Custody orders and Compensation orders (Section 18 to 22).

AP Buildings (Rent, Lease, Eviction) Act:
1.       Definitions – Building, Landlord, Tenant
2.       What is meant by Wilful Default.

Registration Act:
1.       Documents for which registration is Compulsory (Section 17)
2.       Documents for which registration is Optional (Section 18)
3.       Effect of Non registration of documents required to be registered (Section 49)

Stamp Act:
1.       Instruments, which are chargeable with duty (Section 3).
2.       Types of Stamps (Adhesive and Impressed stamps)
3.       What is meant by duly stamped
4.       Instruments not duly stamped inadmissible in evidence (Section 35)


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